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Better buildings is our legacy.


Our world has relied heavily on concrete and steel. Which has lead to the recent CO2 crisis. Our fragile planet needs another alternative. Increased use of wood will help mitigate carbon issues. Net zero and passive homes produce 5 to 10 X fewer carbon emissions, dramatically minimizing your environmental footprint.


Numerous studies that show the health advantages of building with CLT (Cross-laminated Timber), Research shows that occupants of wood buildings are less stressed, show reduced levels of aggression, are more attentive, interact better and live healthier lifestyles in general.


Net-zero homes on average are 80% more efficient, which dramatically reduces your home energy usage to the absolute minimum. As well, built-in renewable energy elements allow the home to produce energy equal to the amount being used. Net zero homes allow for lower utility bills, year around.


Since the building is prefabricated, It allows us to safely erect and assemble your building on-site. Which significantly cuts downs on construction time. Compared to traditional construction, on average wood built homes are move in ready within two weeks. Allowing clients to enjoy their new homes in no time.

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Developing self-sufficient buildings that our future generations will appreciate.
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We believe in always striving to do the right thing, Building with integrity means using lead principles, Net zero and passive construction are a top priority while ensuring profitability. Join our journey in making the world better, starting with better buildings.

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Our integrated customer-oriented approach ensures the delivery of high precision structures, Tailored to fit fast scheduled projects to ensure we hit budgets. Our work minimizes risks and maximizes returns. Our extensive portfolio includes houses, restaurants, commercial spaces, and condos.

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